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What Is WOL

W.O.L stands for "Wisdom one liner", This is the coined term for the book of proverbs I have used for the past 4 years on my YouTube channel. Each verse/group of verses have their own meaning as well as its own moral of wisdom to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Without boring you with a bunch of details, the book was written by the wisest man to ever live, King Solomon. He could have recieved anything he desired, all the chicks, all the money, all the land, more wishes... anything that he wanted. This dude asked for wisdom and shared some of his knowledge by writing Proverbs.

The WOL collection includes the 915 verses, 31 chapters and 1 book.   Each of the the individual NFT's correlate to a verse in Proverbs. Some having a complete thought and others a fragment of the concept meaning to be portrayed. 


Proverbs 9:9

Orange representing wisdom, creativity, and the fruit of knowledge.​ 

The verse meaning that a wise and righteous person will always be open to learning and instruction 

Proverbs 11:7 Is olive green which is Associated with peace, prosperity, and the rewards of righteousness. The verse basically means that placing hope in mortals is useless humans are not perfect and can't even control their own outcomes.   


Proverbs 25:15

 The color is Rainbow to reflecting the diverse themes, wisdom, and beauty found throughout the entire book of Proverbs. The verse means that patience and gentleness produces a more favorable result over brash and rudeness.

The Color

  1. Blue - Symbolizing heavenly wisdom and understanding.

  2. Green - Representing growth, renewal, and the flourishing of wisdom.

  3. Gold - Signifying divine wisdom, wealth, and blessings.

  4. Purple - Indicating royalty, authority, and the pursuit of wisdom.

  5. Red - Associated with warning, passion, and the consequences of temptation.

  6. Gray - Suggesting neutrality and the need for discernment in decision-making.

  7. Crimson - Linked to seduction, passion, and warning against immorality.

  8. Yellow - Symbolizing divine illumination, enlightenment, and guidance.

  9. Orange - Representing wisdom, creativity, and the fruit of knowledge.

  10. Brown - Signifying practical wisdom, stability, and righteousness in daily life.

  11. Olive - Associated with peace, prosperity, and the rewards of righteousness.

  12. Teal - Indicating balance, harmony, and wise counsel.

  13. Maroon - Symbolizing discipline, correction, and the refining of character.

  14. Indigo - Representing deep wisdom, insight, and spiritual understanding.

  15. Silver - Associated with purity, clarity, and the power of wise speech.

  16. Navy - Signifying trust in God's sovereignty, divine guidance, and providence.

  17. Turquoise - Linked to peaceful relationships, discretion, and discernment.

  18. Lavender - Suggesting spiritual insight, divine revelation, and contemplation.

  19. Coral - Symbolizing righteousness, integrity, and the rewards of upright living.

  20. Bronze - Indicating strength, endurance, and the refining of character.

  21. Forest green - Associated with fruitful labor, prosperity, and God's provision.

  22. Mauve - Representing humility, compassion, and wise instruction.

  23. Amber - Linked to caution, discipline, and the pursuit of wisdom.

  24. Slate - Signifying steadfastness, endurance, and the importance of wisdom.

  25. Rainbow - Reflecting the diverse themes, wisdom, and beauty found throughout the entire book of Proverbs.

  26. Brown - Signifying practical wisdom and discernment in dealing with fools and folly.

  27. Pink - Representing love, compassion, and the nurturing aspects of relationships and honesty.

  28. Scarlet - Symbolizing the contrast between righteousness and wickedness, highlighting the consequences of choices.

  29. Gray - Suggesting the importance of wisdom, discipline, and seeking wise counsel in leadership.

  30. Gold - Indicating the value of divine wisdom and trust in God's understanding beyond human limitations.

  31. Purple - Linked to royalty, virtue, and the qualities of the virtuous woman celebrated in this chapter.

The Chapter (Summary)

  1. Wisdom leads to righteous living.

  2. Seek wisdom for protection.

  3. Trust, wisdom, prosperity, divine guidance.

  4. Acquire wisdom, guard your heart.

  5. Warning against adultery, promote faithfulness.

  6. Avoid laziness, seek wisdom.

  7. Beware seduction, choose wisely.

  8. Wisdom calls for righteousness.

  9. Choose wisdom over foolishness.

  10. Contrasting actions: righteous versus wicked.

  11. Wise sayings on virtuous living.

  12. Counsel for wise and righteous.

  13. Insights on discipline and wealth.

  14. Practical wisdom for daily life.

  15. Integrity and virtue bring blessings.

  16. Plan, be humble, seek righteousness.

  17. Healthy relationships, honesty, calmness.

  18. Power of words, trust.

  19. Pursue integrity, kindness, generosity.

  20. Wisdom, justice, reliance on God.

  21. Diligence, humility, righteous living.

  22. Good reputation, discipline, generosity.

  23. Caution against indulgence, promote discipline.

  24. Consequences of laziness, rewards.

  25. Continuing wisdom and wise sayings.

  26. Dealing with fools and folly.

  27. Wisdom in relationships and honesty.

  28. Consequences of righteousness and wickedness.

  29. Discipline, leadership, and wise counsel.

  30. Trust in God's wisdom.

  31. Virtuous woman praised and honored.

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