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What is W.O.L

    Whether you’re a returning viewer or someone new, Since the inception of my Youtube channel in 2019, I have always ended all of my videos with the classic “wisdom one liner”. For those that are unfamiliar, it is the nickname I gave to the individual verses in the book of proverbs. This is a piece of my channel that will always be there and sheds light on what really matters most.

     The Book of Proverbs was written by the wise King Solomon. Solomon was a man who could have chosen anything he desired and asked for wisdom. During his reign, his instruction and knowledge brought people from far and wide, earning him incredible wealth, Enough to where silver and Gold were as abundant as stones (2 Chronicles 9:27).

    Wisdom is one of those things money cannot buy. While financial resources may grant us access to certain opportunities and increase the likelihood of encountering wisdom, it is essential to recognize that wealth alone does not equate to wisdom. Hence why our buddy Solomon says wisdom is more profitable than silver and has better returns than Gold (Proverbs 3:14)

    The collection that serves as a symbol for our community. The Goal of the WOL collection is to:


1. Establish a Brand 

2. Engage the community

3. Donate 50% of proceeds to St.Jude Children’s research Hospital 

4. Have a fun experiment 

5. Reward community Members 

    I have always wanted to create something and Instead of just keeping the W.O.L on the channel, I want to give them a permanent place on the blockchain. Again the goal of the project is NOT to pump the bags, its just a fun experiment to establish a permanent brand with the community and help out some kids in need. If your expectation is to mint and sell for some random amount of x’s..... Please do NOT mint, This project is not for you.

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